Glock 17 Meets Tara TM-9

By Miguel C. Gil We decided against our initial impulse to entitle this article “the Glock vs. the Tara” because it sounded petty. Pitting the Montenegrin newcomer against arguably the gold standard for polymer-framed pistols would smell like a cheap publicity stunt. But, then again, there are simply too many similarities in their design that one cannot avoid making a comparison. When shooting champ Jethro … Continue reading Glock 17 Meets Tara TM-9

Tara TM-9: “perfection” from Montenegro

By Miguel C. Gil It would be a mistake to dismiss the Tara TM-9 pistol as just another knock-off of the trend-setting Glock. Yes, it is without a doubt Glock-inspired in its design. Yes, it falls under the economy priced category. And yes, it is made by a Balkan company that many of us have never heard of ‘til recently—the Tara Group. But our initial … Continue reading Tara TM-9: “perfection” from Montenegro

Jethro asks, does gun ban really work?

Filipino competitive shooting icon Jethro Dionisio raised doubts whether the election gun ban is truly effective in curbing violence in the country. He said a series of violent incidents after it took effect last January 13, may indicate that the gun ban only encourages career criminals to be more aggressive. Dionisio, who is currently president of the Association of Firearms & Ammunitions Dealers of the … Continue reading Jethro asks, does gun ban really work?

Legal gun owners break silence

Why must legitimate gun owners always be forced to foot the bill for every sociopath, fanatic and lunatic that makes the headlines? This was the question posed by the A2S5 Coalition, an anti-crime non-government organization, amid calls for stricter gun control following two highly publicized shooting incidents over the holidays. World speed shooting legend Jethro Dionisio emphasized that further tightening gun control regulations in the … Continue reading Legal gun owners break silence