About HDJ

Home Defense Journal (HDJ) is for those who realize that carrying the burden of household security is an important part of being a responsible homeowner and family member.

While crime in the streets may be beyond our control, we certainly can take the necessary precautions to keep from being victimized in our own homes–our last line of defense.

Home invasion is the most personal and frightening of crimes, but it is often possible to prevent or mitigate them by employing simple security measures in conjunction with some defensive products.

HDJ is probably not for the trained military or police “operator,” the security contractor, the competition shooter, the airsoft aficionado or the pseudo soldier.

It is for the unpretentious civilian homeowner who seeks to enhance his/her peace of mind by learning about the latest security-related products as well as common-sense tactics.

The editor of HDJ does not claim to be a “tactical professional,” rather is a professional journalist who asks the hard questions, evaluates and then reports objectively.

Expect a good number of articles on firearms, especially those types that lend themselves well to the home-defense scenario and other close-quarters defensive situations.

Since the use of deadly force is not always necessary, readers may also expect articles on less-lethal weapons such as chemical irritants, electric shock delivery systems and impact weapons.

But because this is not just another gun publication, HDJ will also focus on other products necessary in the home defense mix such as alarm systems, CCTV’s and other electronic security devices.

To further make for a well-rounded on-line publication, HDJ will also run articles and evaluations on fire extinguishers, first aid/rescue kits and even guard dogs to fill your total security/safety needs.

Peace of mind is priceless! Keep safe and happy reading!!


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