Spending a rainy afternoon with Colt’s “Civilian” Carbines

As of this writing, civilian purchases of military-style semi-automatic rifles such as Colt’s 6940 and 6920 remain suspended. Commercial sales of the 5.56 NATO and other “high powered” rifle ammunition are likewise indefinitely on hold. Without getting into detail, this situation seems to have come to a head following the Marawi City crisis last year.

Sadly, for gun dealerships like Top Spot, the exclusive local distributor of Colt products, this means that perfectly saleable goods are left to gather cobwebs in some rusty old gun vault, until policy-makers say otherwise. However, there is nothing unlawful about taking “frozen” merchandise out to the range just to make certain they haven’t gone bad while in storage!

On one such session, Top Spot’s proprietor E.J. Año invited Team HDJ to come over and play with his 6940/20 carbines. Briefly, these are 21st century iterations of Colt’s venerable AR-15 pattern carbine. He lamented that the two beauties featured in this article had barely touched Philippine soil when sales of such products were suspended.

Here’s HDJ’s video coverage of Colt’s “civilianized” carbines breathing fire at the range! A more comprehensive article will follow soon. Enjoy!

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