Armscor XT-22: A cross-breed, of sorts

Photos by Iris G. Gil

.22-caliber conversion kits have been produced for the M1911 for almost as long as the pistol itself has existed.  Most conversion kits made over the years entail swapping out the entire slide assembly with one intended for the .22LR. More recently, big names in the 1911 scene such as Kimber and Night Hawk Customs have thrown their hats into the conversion kit business.

Also recently, firms like Chiappa Firearms, Ltd. of Italy and Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor), among others, have come out with complete 1911-styled pistols that chamber the inexpensive and popular .22LR.


In Home Defense Journal’s (HDJ) recent visit to Armscor’s production facility, we had the opportunity to briefly examine the XT-22. We even got a chance to shoot a few rounds through the sample gun. While it was enough for a tentative first impression, it wasn’t sufficient to form any strong opinions about Armscor’s new 1911-styled .22 pistol.

Briefly stated, the XT-22’s frame assembly was pure 1911. Its slide assembly, however, departs radically from John Moses Browning’s design. Its slide is best described as an “open top” style which is reminiscent of the design pioneered by Beretta.

XT22 muzzle

It can, therefore, be said that the XT-22 is a cross between two time-proven designs.

Its external dimensions are that of a full-sized 1911 pistol. Its 10-shot polymer magazine is dimensionally identical to the magazines of any single stack 1911. The XT-22’s all-steel construction and heavy barrel design add up to an empty weight of 36 ounces.

XT22 bevelled

HDJ intends to do a more comprehensive evaluation of this pistol soon. Meantime, the accompanying photos should give our readers a better idea of what the Armscor XT-22 is like.

SRP of Armscor XT-22: Php26,100.00 (gun only w/ two 10-shot magazines)

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