Jethro asks, does gun ban really work?

Filipino competitive shooting icon Jethro Dionisio raised doubts whether the election gun ban is truly effective in curbing violence in the country. He said a series of violent incidents after it took effect last January 13, may indicate that the gun ban only encourages career criminals to be more aggressive.

Dionisio, who is currently president of the Association of Firearms & Ammunitions Dealers of the Philippines (AFAD), said that legal gun owners should not be lumped alongside politicians’ goons and other violent criminals. He called on lawmakers to pass proposed measures that protect the rights of legitimate gun owners.

On the talk show Practical Business last January 17, Dionisio said that government policy-makers must also be sympathetic to the thousands of workers in the local firearms industry who will be temporarily displaced during the 5-month election period. He emphasized that fair gun legislation is the answer to the woes of both the firearms industry and individual gun owners.

Practical Business, which is aired over Philippine satellite and cable channel Global News Network (GNN), is hosted by Home Defense Journal editor Miguel Gil.

–staff report

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