Assert your rights, gun owners told

Police authorities were warned not to use the New Year’s Eve revelry as an excuse to harass and intimidate legitimate gun owners.           Progun Philippines and A2S5 Coalition, two groups advocating gun rights, said that “Oplan Katok” exposes law-abiding owners of firearms to all sorts of civil rights violations, including invasion of their domicile.           The practice of visiting … Continue reading Assert your rights, gun owners told

Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime

Citizens’ empowerment may be the key ingredient to keeping a community relatively crime-free. Local politicians and civil society seem to be in agreement that there is room for greater public participation in government’s campaign against crime. This, amid mounting discontent over an apparent escalation of violent crime nationwide. Councilor Rannie Ludovica of the 2nd district of Quezon City said that lawless elements have more than … Continue reading Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime

Keep Barangay Caps Armed, VACC Chair Tells PNP

Staff Report Barangay chairmen are currently defenseless against lawless elements in their respective communities. Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) chairman Martin Dino says this is because even barangay “Captains” are finding it extremely difficult to secure “PTC’s” or Permits-To-Carry firearms from the Philippine National Police (PNP) nowadays. Dino says that chairmen of crime infested barangays are the most vulnerable. He explained that the barangay … Continue reading Keep Barangay Caps Armed, VACC Chair Tells PNP

Gun enthusiasts’ show of force

By Miguel C. Gil The Philippine’s first Firearms Enthusiasts Day was a big success, if the number of attendees was any indication. Thousands of Filipino gun aficionados flocked to the Metro Tent at the Ortigas Center last Saturday in what was seen as a show of force even as the Election Gun Ban remained in effect. No firearms were brought or displayed at the venue, … Continue reading Gun enthusiasts’ show of force

DDB head doubts gun ban effectiveness

Civilian gun rights advocates got a much-needed shot-in-the-arm after the head of government’s anti-narcotics policy-making body openly stated that the election gun ban has been unsuccessful in curbing the rising tide of crime in the Philippines. Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) chairman Antonio “Bebot” Villar, Jr. said that the gun ban may possibly be the reason for the apparent rise in violent crimes in recent weeks. … Continue reading DDB head doubts gun ban effectiveness

Jethro asks, does gun ban really work?

Filipino competitive shooting icon Jethro Dionisio raised doubts whether the election gun ban is truly effective in curbing violence in the country. He said a series of violent incidents after it took effect last January 13, may indicate that the gun ban only encourages career criminals to be more aggressive. Dionisio, who is currently president of the Association of Firearms & Ammunitions Dealers of the … Continue reading Jethro asks, does gun ban really work?

Bizmen told to be doubly alert

Businessmen in the Philippines should enhance their level of alertness instead of embracing a false sense of security. This was the message of a multi-sector anti-crime group to business executives and other entrepreneurs on the eve of the implementation of a 5-month long election gun ban beginning midnight on January 13. The A2S5 Coalition, which is composed of professionals from various fields, said the suspension … Continue reading Bizmen told to be doubly alert

Legal gun owners break silence

Why must legitimate gun owners always be forced to foot the bill for every sociopath, fanatic and lunatic that makes the headlines? This was the question posed by the A2S5 Coalition, an anti-crime non-government organization, amid calls for stricter gun control following two highly publicized shooting incidents over the holidays. World speed shooting legend Jethro Dionisio emphasized that further tightening gun control regulations in the … Continue reading Legal gun owners break silence