Remington 1911 R1: A twin, not a clone

By Miguel C. Gil Come to think of it, there is little that we can write about the M-1911 A-1 pistol in 2013, that couldn’t have been written by someone else in 1973, or for that matter, even in 1943! But gun manufacturers keep trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, in order to fill the seemingly eternal consumer demand for this century-old design. … Continue reading Remington 1911 R1: A twin, not a clone

The shotgun approach

The shotgun is to firearms what the Swiss Army Knife is to cutlery, it can be argued. There is a shotgun for the hunter, the trap shooter, the recreational shooter, the law enforcer, the home defender and many other shooters in between. Now, that’s versatility! But let us set aside the shotgun’s hunting, sporting and law enforcement applications. How viable is it as a home … Continue reading The shotgun approach