MAC Amigo: a friend indeed!

by Miguel C. Gil Any marketing man worth his salt knows the importance of a name in product branding. Executives of Chevrolet supposedly learned this the hard way with the dismal sales of the Chevy Nova in Latin-America during the 1960’s. Little did they know in the beginning that Nova or “no va” meant “no go” in Spanish! While some say that old story is … Continue reading MAC Amigo: a friend indeed!

A Contender for the 1911 throne

No handgun has generated such a loyal, almost cult-like following in the past one hundred years as the 1911. From its early utilitarian version intended for the US military, the design has since been refined, and then refined some more. Despite the string of upgrades, however, John Moses Browning’s iconic Government Model remains unchanged where it counts! But we will not go into history. The … Continue reading A Contender for the 1911 throne