UDMC’s S22LR “Hantik” semi-auto carbine: A tactical rimfire with a vicious sting

“Hantik” is Tagalog for “Philippine Fire Ant”—which are angry little creatures whose bite is not something you would soon forget, should you be unlucky enough to run afoul with one (let alone a whole bunch of them). It seems this is a very fitting name for United Defense Manufacturing Corporation’s (UDMC) new AR-15-inspired .22LR semi-automatic carbine which, we expect, will draw favorable attention from those … Continue reading UDMC’s S22LR “Hantik” semi-auto carbine: A tactical rimfire with a vicious sting

Good prospects for PH arms exports

A Philippine firearms manufacturer sees healthy export sales in 2013 based on the steady demand growth in key markets overseas. On the TV talk show Practical Business last December 6, Metro Arms Corporation president Hector Rodriguez revealed that almost 90 percent of his company’s production is now exported while only the remainder is sold to the local market. He said the manufacturing capacity of Metro … Continue reading Good prospects for PH arms exports

.22 TCM: The future of just another fad?

By Miguel C. Gil The introduction of the .22 TCM (Tuason-Craig Magnum) by Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) over a year ago yet again proves man’s enduring fascination with speed.  By all indications, it is also proving to be a big commercial hit for the Philippine’s firearms and ammunitions manufacturing giant. But is the perceived success of this new cartridge more attributable to marketing … Continue reading .22 TCM: The future of just another fad?

Master key to the 21st century home

By Miguel C. Gil Social networking sites may be a definitive realization of futurist and author Alvin Toffler’s vision of a “global village.” With the press of a few buttons, we can get in-touch with relatives, old friends and classmates whom we haven’t seen in decades. While intended for “social” use, these sites can also open many doors for entrepreneurs, big and small, because it … Continue reading Master key to the 21st century home

Have a less-lethal option

Don’t expect the authorities to throw you a party or pin a medal on your chest in the event that you fatally shoot a criminally inclined intruder in your house! In the ideal world, the police should give you no hassles so long as it is readily apparent that your actions were legally justified. In fact, they should even offer you protection against possible reprisals … Continue reading Have a less-lethal option

The shotgun approach

The shotgun is to firearms what the Swiss Army Knife is to cutlery, it can be argued. There is a shotgun for the hunter, the trap shooter, the recreational shooter, the law enforcer, the home defender and many other shooters in between. Now, that’s versatility! But let us set aside the shotgun’s hunting, sporting and law enforcement applications. How viable is it as a home … Continue reading The shotgun approach