DWBL’s Karancho, ProGUN Head Hit Gun Control Abuses

Radio commentator 'Karancho' Miguel Gil interviews ProGUN secretary general Ticky Tabujara on the program KKK - 'Katapat sa Katarungan at Kaunlaran.' KKK, a public service program of 8 Trimedia Productions, airs weekdays 9:00AM -10:30AM on DWBL 1242AM.

Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime

Citizens’ empowerment may be the key ingredient to keeping a community relatively crime-free. Local politicians and civil society seem to be in agreement that there is room for greater public participation in government’s campaign against crime. This, amid mounting discontent over an apparent escalation of violent crime nationwide. Councilor Rannie Ludovica of the 2nd district … Continue reading Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime