The truth about gun ownership

Video snippets of the talk show General Assignment last January 15. Guests are gun rights advocates Jun Puno and Mike Melchor. General Assignment, which is aired over Philippine satellite and cable channel Global News Network (GNN), is hosted by Home Defense Journal editor Miguel Gil. — Staff report Continue reading The truth about gun ownership

MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our loyal readers!!

Thank you for helping keep HDJ on the web for another year! We look forward to your continued patronage as we go into our third year of on-line publication. We truly value all your comments, suggestions and inquiries even if we may not be able to respond to them individually. God bless all you upstanding private gun owners out there! You are the true advocates … Continue reading MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our loyal readers!!

U.D.M.C. rifles for the private citizen

By Miguel C. Gil The recently enacted Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Act of 2013 is far from being a perfect law. In fact, it contains certain provisions that many gun rights advocates continue to find rather objectionable. Still, it fills-in the ambiguities of the Philippines’ old gun law—which used to change with the caprices of government regulators. It is now in black and white that … Continue reading U.D.M.C. rifles for the private citizen

Tara TM-9: “perfection” from Montenegro

By Miguel C. Gil It would be a mistake to dismiss the Tara TM-9 pistol as just another knock-off of the trend-setting Glock. Yes, it is without a doubt Glock-inspired in its design. Yes, it falls under the economy priced category. And yes, it is made by a Balkan company that many of us have never heard of ‘til recently—the Tara Group. But our initial … Continue reading Tara TM-9: “perfection” from Montenegro

Gimme Ten! Armscor’s hot “new” 10mm auto

By Miguel C. Gil The 10mm Auto is, without a doubt, one of the most under appreciated pistol cartridges ever developed. It may have faded into obsolescence years ago had it not been for a small but dedicated following in the United States. From time to time, a gun manufacturer would come out with a limited run of a pistol chambered for this powerful round—thus, … Continue reading Gimme Ten! Armscor’s hot “new” 10mm auto

Sneak peek: Armscor 2014

Photos by IGG Something new and something old from the Philippine’s biggest gun manufacturer. Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) is set to debut its latest 1911 variants on the next gun show this November. “New” because the company’s expanded product line will include pistols chambered in both the 10mm Auto and the much sought-after .22 TCM.  “Old” because true innovation is nearly impossible in … Continue reading Sneak peek: Armscor 2014

Guards at home: sign of troubled times?

By Miguel C. Gil There are an increasing number of Filipino households that are seeking out the services of private security companies to deter criminality. This observation was made by veteran security instructor Librado Cayco, Sr., who is training director of TASK Security Academy, Inc., one of the country’s leading schools for private security guards. While precise figures are unavailable, he revealed that TASK-affiliated security … Continue reading Guards at home: sign of troubled times?

Baby your gun!

By Miguel C. Gil There is an alarming practice being peddled by self-styled tactical instructors of subjecting one’s carry pistol to varying degrees of “torture.” The dubious wisdom behind this practice is that your gun is a mere “tool” not unlike a shovel or an axe—that should be worked to the brink of failure during range sessions. The same thinking, therefore, considers shooters who seek … Continue reading Baby your gun!

Kel-Tec PF-9: unseen ’til needed

By Miguel C. Gil George Zimmerman’s exploits may have resulted in an unexpected windfall for Florida-based arms maker Kel-Tec! Consumer interest for the company’s PF-9 pistol seems to be up following the much-publicized shooting involving the neighborhood watchman. Free media mileage can, after all, be good for business given the right circumstances. Home Defense Journal (HDJ) was recently granted the opportunity to find out if … Continue reading Kel-Tec PF-9: unseen ’til needed

Custom Micarta Grips by XO: tux for your 1911!

By Miguel C. Gil A global ban on the commercial use of ivory served as an impetus for pistol grips manufacturers to search for alternative raw materials. In the early 1990’s we started reading about a synthetic material called Micarta, which was billed as the next best thing to real elephant tusk. Some pioneer makers of Micarta pistol grips even advertised that their products were … Continue reading Custom Micarta Grips by XO: tux for your 1911!