Load Options for Your H.D. Shotgun

By Miguel C. Gil The 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 Buckshot has accrued almost legendary stature as a close range man-stopper over the past century. It remains the fodder of choice for just about any police or military organization in the world fielding a fighting shotgun. The classic load, which consists of nine spherical projectiles (each approximately .33 caliber in diameter) contained in a … Continue reading Load Options for Your H.D. Shotgun

Writing on the Wall

The Senate investigation on the unexplained wealth of Police Director General Alan Purisima, while still on-going, may have validated what many legitimate gun owners suspected all along. And that is, that all the redundant, impractical and costly gun-control measures imposed under his watch appears to be nothing more than an elaborate money-making scheme. Gun rights advocates are now even more convinced that these highly unpopular … Continue reading Writing on the Wall

Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime

Citizens’ empowerment may be the key ingredient to keeping a community relatively crime-free. Local politicians and civil society seem to be in agreement that there is room for greater public participation in government’s campaign against crime. This, amid mounting discontent over an apparent escalation of violent crime nationwide. Councilor Rannie Ludovica of the 2nd district of Quezon City said that lawless elements have more than … Continue reading Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime

Keep Barangay Caps Armed, VACC Chair Tells PNP

Staff Report Barangay chairmen are currently defenseless against lawless elements in their respective communities. Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) chairman Martin Dino says this is because even barangay “Captains” are finding it extremely difficult to secure “PTC’s” or Permits-To-Carry firearms from the Philippine National Police (PNP) nowadays. Dino says that chairmen of crime infested barangays are the most vulnerable. He explained that the barangay … Continue reading Keep Barangay Caps Armed, VACC Chair Tells PNP

New gun regulations linked to corruption, crime spike

Groups opposed to the disarmament of law-abiding citizens say the police may be abusing its regulatory authority over gun ownership. Outspoken gun rights advocates made this assertion as key officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are being probed in connection with the supposed sale of 1,004 Chinese-made AK-47 rifles to a security agency, but which somehow fell into the possession of communist rebels. This … Continue reading New gun regulations linked to corruption, crime spike

Killing the Gun Industry

The Philippine National Police (PNP) may soon be the only government agency which can claim to have single-handedly bankrupted a thriving legitimate local industry—the firearms and ammunition industry. This comes at a time when national government, through its various agencies, is supposedly working double-time to stimulate investments and create new job opportunities. The local gun industry’s woes began with the implementation of the Republic Act … Continue reading Killing the Gun Industry

Used gun report: Taurus 24/7 Gen1

By Miguel C. Gil 1970. In our archive of old gun publications from that year, we find a short write-up about a revolver that closely approximates the then-popular Smith & Wesson Model 10 with a 4-inch tapered barrel. Little information was offered about the gun’s origins except it was a “Taurus” and it was “made in Brazil.” Also, the Brazilian revolver had a price tag … Continue reading Used gun report: Taurus 24/7 Gen1

Glock 17 Meets Tara TM-9

By Miguel C. Gil We decided against our initial impulse to entitle this article “the Glock vs. the Tara” because it sounded petty. Pitting the Montenegrin newcomer against arguably the gold standard for polymer-framed pistols would smell like a cheap publicity stunt. But, then again, there are simply too many similarities in their design that one cannot avoid making a comparison. When shooting champ Jethro … Continue reading Glock 17 Meets Tara TM-9

SVI Guns Infinity: Bang & Bling Rolled Into One

By Miguel C. Gil Manny Pacquiao is still on the waiting list to get his! And that pretty much sums up just how hard it is to come by an SVI Guns Infinity pistol in the Philippines. Greyman Elite Trading (GET) is the exclusive local distributor of these uber high-end 1911 variants, every one of which is custom-built to the individual specifications of its discriminating … Continue reading SVI Guns Infinity: Bang & Bling Rolled Into One