Tactical Pens: your gun ban proof last option

By Miguel C. Gil It is difficult to resist the urge of beginning this article with the over-used saying that “the pen is mightier than the sword!” But the advent of the “tactical pen” has given a new and quite literal meaning to this old adage. What are tactical pens, anyway? The simple answer is that they are pens with reinforced housings and tips designed … Continue reading Tactical Pens: your gun ban proof last option

Have a less-lethal option

Don’t expect the authorities to throw you a party or pin a medal on your chest in the event that you fatally shoot a criminally inclined intruder in your house! In the ideal world, the police should give you no hassles so long as it is readily apparent that your actions were legally justified. In fact, they should even offer you protection against possible reprisals … Continue reading Have a less-lethal option