SAF 44 Debacle: We Want Answers

We join all peace-loving and patriotic Filipino citizens in mourning the deaths of the forty four gallant members of the PNP Special Action Force (SAF). We also realize, however, that it is not enough to simply mourn. Just retribution must be sought! But that cannot happen either unless we first identify all those, who because of their sins of commission or sins of omission, contributed … Continue reading SAF 44 Debacle: We Want Answers

Writing on the Wall

The Senate investigation on the unexplained wealth of Police Director General Alan Purisima, while still on-going, may have validated what many legitimate gun owners suspected all along. And that is, that all the redundant, impractical and costly gun-control measures imposed under his watch appears to be nothing more than an elaborate money-making scheme. Gun rights advocates are now even more convinced that these highly unpopular … Continue reading Writing on the Wall

Killing the Gun Industry

The Philippine National Police (PNP) may soon be the only government agency which can claim to have single-handedly bankrupted a thriving legitimate local industry—the firearms and ammunition industry. This comes at a time when national government, through its various agencies, is supposedly working double-time to stimulate investments and create new job opportunities. The local gun industry’s woes began with the implementation of the Republic Act … Continue reading Killing the Gun Industry

Small victories at the 1st Firearms Enthusiasts Day

By Miguel C. Gil The true significance of holding the 1st Firearms Enthusiasts Day last April 20 went far beyond its entertainment value. Many view the event, which was held at the MetroTent, Ortigas Center, as the first honest-to-goodness attempt to galvanize legal gun owners into unified force able to actively pursue their collective interests. For too long a time, government regulators have treated legally-armed … Continue reading Small victories at the 1st Firearms Enthusiasts Day

The shotgun approach

The shotgun is to firearms what the Swiss Army Knife is to cutlery, it can be argued. There is a shotgun for the hunter, the trap shooter, the recreational shooter, the law enforcer, the home defender and many other shooters in between. Now, that’s versatility! But let us set aside the shotgun’s hunting, sporting and law enforcement applications. How viable is it as a home … Continue reading The shotgun approach