Sneak peek: Armscor 2014

Photos by IGG Something new and something old from the Philippine’s biggest gun manufacturer. Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) is set to debut its latest 1911 variants on the next gun show this November. “New” because the company’s expanded product line will include pistols chambered in both the 10mm Auto and the much sought-after .22 TCM.  “Old” because true innovation is nearly impossible in … Continue reading Sneak peek: Armscor 2014

Guards at home: sign of troubled times?

By Miguel C. Gil There are an increasing number of Filipino households that are seeking out the services of private security companies to deter criminality. This observation was made by veteran security instructor Librado Cayco, Sr., who is training director of TASK Security Academy, Inc., one of the country’s leading schools for private security guards. While precise figures are unavailable, he revealed that TASK-affiliated security … Continue reading Guards at home: sign of troubled times?

Baby your gun!

By Miguel C. Gil There is an alarming practice being peddled by self-styled tactical instructors of subjecting one’s carry pistol to varying degrees of “torture.” The dubious wisdom behind this practice is that your gun is a mere “tool” not unlike a shovel or an axe—that should be worked to the brink of failure during range sessions. The same thinking, therefore, considers shooters who seek … Continue reading Baby your gun!

Kel-Tec PF-9: unseen ’til needed

By Miguel C. Gil George Zimmerman’s exploits may have resulted in an unexpected windfall for Florida-based arms maker Kel-Tec! Consumer interest for the company’s PF-9 pistol seems to be up following the much-publicized shooting involving the neighborhood watchman. Free media mileage can, after all, be good for business given the right circumstances. Home Defense Journal (HDJ) was recently granted the opportunity to find out if … Continue reading Kel-Tec PF-9: unseen ’til needed

Custom Micarta Grips by XO: tux for your 1911!

By Miguel C. Gil A global ban on the commercial use of ivory served as an impetus for pistol grips manufacturers to search for alternative raw materials. In the early 1990’s we started reading about a synthetic material called Micarta, which was billed as the next best thing to real elephant tusk. Some pioneer makers of Micarta pistol grips even advertised that their products were … Continue reading Custom Micarta Grips by XO: tux for your 1911!

Remington 1911 R1: A twin, not a clone

By Miguel C. Gil Come to think of it, there is little that we can write about the M-1911 A-1 pistol in 2013, that couldn’t have been written by someone else in 1973, or for that matter, even in 1943! But gun manufacturers keep trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, in order to fill the seemingly eternal consumer demand for this century-old design. … Continue reading Remington 1911 R1: A twin, not a clone

Armscor XT-22: A cross-breed, of sorts

Photos by Iris G. Gil .22-caliber conversion kits have been produced for the M1911 for almost as long as the pistol itself has existed.  Most conversion kits made over the years entail swapping out the entire slide assembly with one intended for the .22LR. More recently, big names in the 1911 scene such as Kimber and Night Hawk Customs have thrown their hats into the … Continue reading Armscor XT-22: A cross-breed, of sorts

Armscor M22: More than just a 10/22 clone

By Miguel C. Gil                                     Photos by Iris G. Gil It is said that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.” If such is indeed the case, then the folks at Sturm, Ruger & Co. should be feeling very much flattered, and probably a little bit peeved, by the recent introduction of the Armscor M22 semi-automatic carbine. The growing popularity of fast-paced “mini rifle” events … Continue reading Armscor M22: More than just a 10/22 clone

Girsan MC21 .45: Modern Ottoman’s Pistol

By Miguel C. Gil For a nation whose official motto is, “Peace at home, peace in the world,” Turkey is steeped in martial tradition. Names like Osman I, whose expansion ambitions gave rise to the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who is credited for founding the Turkish republic in 1923, are forever etched in world history. Shades of a colorful … Continue reading Girsan MC21 .45: Modern Ottoman’s Pistol

Bersa BP9cc: Surprising Sub Compact

By Miguel C. Gil The Home Defense Journal (HDJ) editorial staff was given an opportunity to evaluate three pistols from the extensive product line of P.B. Dionisio & Co., Inc. in our continuing quest to discover new products to fill the home defense niche. Of these three handguns, the Argentinian-made Bersa BP9cc was the last one we test fired. The fact that it is the … Continue reading Bersa BP9cc: Surprising Sub Compact