DWBL’s Karancho, ProGUN Head Hit Gun Control Abuses

Radio commentator ‘Karancho’ Miguel Gil interviews ProGUN secretary general Ticky Tabujara on the program KKK – ‘Katapat sa Katarungan at Kaunlaran.’ KKK, a public service program of 8 Trimedia Productions, airs weekdays 9:00AM -10:30AM on DWBL 1242AM. Continue reading DWBL’s Karancho, ProGUN Head Hit Gun Control Abuses

Don’t Post Vacation Plans on Social Networks

Violent criminals may be trolling your Facebook account right now! Avoid being counted among those subjected to all sorts of villainy simply because they carelessly revealed too much about their private lives, their activities, their travels and even the value of their belongings, on-line. This holds especially true for people who are headed off to some summer getaway to avoid the sweltering heat! Do not … Continue reading Don’t Post Vacation Plans on Social Networks

OPLAN Exodus: The Blame Game

Evidence seems to be mounting that the country’s political leadership had a hand in delaying the deployment of reinforcements to the pinned-down Special Action Force (SAF) commandos until it was too late. Former Iloilo solon Augusto Boboy Syjuco points out inconsistencies in the accounts of Administration officials as well as key military and police officers who were involved in Oplan Exodus. Meantime, Kabataan Party list … Continue reading OPLAN Exodus: The Blame Game

SAF 44 Debacle: We Want Answers

We join all peace-loving and patriotic Filipino citizens in mourning the deaths of the forty four gallant members of the PNP Special Action Force (SAF). We also realize, however, that it is not enough to simply mourn. Just retribution must be sought! But that cannot happen either unless we first identify all those, who because of their sins of commission or sins of omission, contributed … Continue reading SAF 44 Debacle: We Want Answers

Assert your rights, gun owners told

Police authorities were warned not to use the New Year’s Eve revelry as an excuse to harass and intimidate legitimate gun owners.           Progun Philippines and A2S5 Coalition, two groups advocating gun rights, said that “Oplan Katok” exposes law-abiding owners of firearms to all sorts of civil rights violations, including invasion of their domicile.           The practice of visiting … Continue reading Assert your rights, gun owners told

Load Options for Your H.D. Shotgun

By Miguel C. Gil The 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 Buckshot has accrued almost legendary stature as a close range man-stopper over the past century. It remains the fodder of choice for just about any police or military organization in the world fielding a fighting shotgun. The classic load, which consists of nine spherical projectiles (each approximately .33 caliber in diameter) contained in a … Continue reading Load Options for Your H.D. Shotgun

Writing on the Wall

The Senate investigation on the unexplained wealth of Police Director General Alan Purisima, while still on-going, may have validated what many legitimate gun owners suspected all along. And that is, that all the redundant, impractical and costly gun-control measures imposed under his watch appears to be nothing more than an elaborate money-making scheme. Gun rights advocates are now even more convinced that these highly unpopular … Continue reading Writing on the Wall

Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime

Citizens’ empowerment may be the key ingredient to keeping a community relatively crime-free. Local politicians and civil society seem to be in agreement that there is room for greater public participation in government’s campaign against crime. This, amid mounting discontent over an apparent escalation of violent crime nationwide. Councilor Rannie Ludovica of the 2nd district of Quezon City said that lawless elements have more than … Continue reading Citizens Should be Tapped in War vs. Crime

Keep Barangay Caps Armed, VACC Chair Tells PNP

Staff Report Barangay chairmen are currently defenseless against lawless elements in their respective communities. Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) chairman Martin Dino says this is because even barangay “Captains” are finding it extremely difficult to secure “PTC’s” or Permits-To-Carry firearms from the Philippine National Police (PNP) nowadays. Dino says that chairmen of crime infested barangays are the most vulnerable. He explained that the barangay … Continue reading Keep Barangay Caps Armed, VACC Chair Tells PNP