A Pinch of Prepper: Hand-Crank Emergency Tool

We recently came across a dandy little gadget called the “Hand-Crank Emergency Tool,” that may be of interest to both “Prepper” and forward-thinking homeowner alike. We are referring to a rechargeable LED flashlight, AM/FM radio, siren-blinker and power bank all rolled into one—which was among Petron Corporation’s giveaways last Christmas. While most corporate giveaways are little more than novelty items that serve only to occupy closet space, this one definitely has a place in the nightstand.

emergency flashlight

No doubt this product will be very useful should a major calamity come our way. However, it would be just as useful during power outages, which are not uncommon during the dry season when the country’s Hydro-Electric power plants are out of commission. Thanks to the Aquino Administration’s lack of a viable energy program, another round of “rotating brownouts” are already happening daily in parts of Mindanao! Such regular and extended brownouts will not exactly end civilization as we know it, but are none-the-less economically debilitating!

What is truly wonderful about this gadget is that while it can be charged in the electric socket just like any other modern gizmo, it also comes with an integral hand-crank for charging in cases when there is no electricity. Naturally, using elbow grease to charge this emergency tool can take a little bit of time, but what would you give for illumination and communication when there is none?


The extremely concise literature which came in the box did not offer any clues as to its manufacturer or even where it was made (most probably in China).  However, what is important is that the concept of multi-function emergency devises is really finding its niche in the market—which indicates that the Prepper mentality is making its way into the mainstream of society.

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