Armscor’s Beefed-up 2015 Product Line!

Armscor Smorgasbord headerArms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) is all set to launch a revitalized product line for 2015 any day now.

The picture above should give HDJ readers a pretty good idea of what the country’s biggest arms maker has in store for shooting enthusiasts. Not surprising is the fact that many of these products are little more than superficial remodels of the company’s popular line of M1911 pistol variants. After over a century in production, people apparently, have yet to run out of ways to tweak the 1911 and thus call it “new.”

However, two new products promise to stand out from the rest. The first being a conversion kit that will allow your full-sized Glock 17 or 22 to shoot Armscor’s proprietary .22TCM cartridge. This kit consists of a complete slide assembly that will essentially, snap onto your Glock frame without much fuss. The second is the M1911 .380—which is reportedly a true scaled-down version of the venerable M1911 A-1 pistol. This pistol, which is clearly aimed at the concealed carry market is of course, chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge.

Watch for the reviews of these pistols here on HDJ!

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