The Guard Dog: A must in your home defense mix

Neither technology nor sheer firepower can replace “man’s best friend” in establishing our home’s security. Guard dogs are just as relevant in the 21st century as they undoubtedly were when men stopped being mere hunter-gatherers and started to settle in permanent dwellings many centuries ago!

High-tech alarms and surveillance equipment definitely are worth the investment, but they are by no means foolproof. Firearms are certainly a must for the security-conscious, but even the hardest hitting gun goes to sleep with its owner. Clearly, what is needed is a well thought out home security mix—which should always include a dog or two.

“Police dogs” and other big, mean dogs with fancy pedigrees will certainly do a good job of giving you peace of mind. Dogs that have been schooled by competent K-9 trainers will probably protect you, your family and your belongings to a higher degree. However, they can sometimes be “high maintenance” and are probably more suited to dog fanciers who are more than willing to go the extra mile.

The lowly mongrel can often be just as helpful to their masters when things go bump in the night as their pedigreed kin. In the Philippines, we call them by many names—Pastugi, Askal, Aspin or simply “Native.” They protect countless Filipino homes with utmost loyalty and dedication even while many of them sadly, do not get the recognition that they richly deserve.

Let us stress that an effective guard dog need not necessarily maul an intruder to death (although that may be preferable sometimes)! This means that a large monster of a dog is not always required. What is really necessary is that they make a big ruckus so as to alert you to the presence of the prowler. A small dog with a big heart can do this quite nicely!

Many intruders will choose to flee when the dog or dogs of his intended victims start waking up the whole neighborhood. In doing so, your dog also exposes himself/herself to the reprisals of the thwarted prowler. Some will try to kill them outright. Most will try to poison or otherwise neutralize your dog and thus, paving the way for another attempt at your residence.

If you depend on your dog as a first line of defense against intrusion, take steps to protect them too! After all, your guard dog watches your back, so it is only fair that you return the favor. If master-dog partnership is to work, then it should be founded on a symbiotic relationship.

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