Don’t Post Vacation Plans on Social Networks

Violent criminals may be trolling your Facebook account right now! Avoid being counted among those subjected to all sorts of villainy simply because they carelessly revealed too much about their private lives, their activities, their travels and even the value of their belongings, on-line. This holds especially true for people who are headed off to some summer getaway to avoid the sweltering heat!

Do not reveal your vacation plans on FB, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network! Home invaders rarely attempt to break-in a given residence without learning about its occupants, the valuables inside and the security set-up (if any) in advance. The advent of social networking media has only made life so much easier for burglars, rapists and other evil-doers. Yes, we must assume that all potential home invaders will try to access your FB account to learn as much as they can about you before carrying out their plans!

By posting your vacation plans, you reveal that on certain dates your home will be empty—and therefore ripe for pillaging. In the Philippine setting, homes are seldom completely empty even if most occupants have gone off to Baguio or to the beach. Often, older folks or domestic helpers stay behind to house sit. Sadly, those left at home are also those least able to defend themselves against ruthless attackers. Don’t put them in danger!

In many instances it is the kids (especially teenagers) who reveal too much on social networks. Parents must sit down with their children and explain that they too must contribute to protecting the family’s privacy. It may also be necessary monitor the social network accounts of your children and other less responsible household members.

Avoid people who seem to post everything they do on-line, because being around them will inevitably compromise your own privacy—and consequently your security. Try to keep your vacation plans secret from them, if possible. Do not be ashamed to tell these people to stop disclosing information about you that they ought not to do. If in so doing you hurt their feelings and they “unfriend” you, then even better! They are liabilities that you can do without—even if they are relatives.

When you are safely home (with tan lines and all) after your trip then perhaps, that is the right time to brag about your Boracay or Balesin jaunt. Just be careful not to post pictures that you may eventually regret sharing with the world. Remember, bathing suits look more flattering for some than for others!

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