Writing on the Wall

The Senate investigation on the unexplained wealth of Police Director General Alan Purisima, while still on-going, may have validated what many legitimate gun owners suspected all along. And that is, that all the redundant, impractical and costly gun-control measures imposed under his watch appears to be nothing more than an elaborate money-making scheme. Gun rights advocates are now even more convinced that these highly unpopular regulations were intended to “milk” firearms stakeholders in order to line the pockets of top brass.

ProGun Philippines called on Purisima to resign immediately so as to save his agency and those it supposedly serves from further injury. “He (Purisima) is the problem, but he seems to be bulletproof because he is being coddled by no less than President Aquino,” ProGun secretary general Ticky Tabujara said. ProGun is getting set to file even more cases against Purisima in light of recent revelations, he revealed.

The A2S5 Coalition also called upon Purisima to step aside because of his inability to convincingly explain how he amassed both real properties and luxury vehicles on a national police chief’s salary. “The ethical thing to do is to take a leave of absence so he cannot use his position to influence the investigation. But I think the truly honorable thing to do is to commit Harakiri,” A2S5 president Judo Bonifacio said.

But we must also look beyond the alleged ill-gotten wealth of the incumbent national police chief, and see the bigger picture, which seems to be even more alarming! More and more policemen seem to be getting involved in heinous crimes while all along being protected by the badge. These rogue cops are posing an ever increasing threat against the very people they are sworn to “serve and protect.”

In broad daylight last September 1, at least ten policemen from the La Loma police station brazenly staged a robbery-abduction at the center lane of EDSA, which is easily the country’s busiest highway. Chief Inspector Joseph De Vera, deputy commander of the La Loma Police, is the alleged mastermind. This crime may have yet again escaped public attention had it not been captured on camera and uploaded on the Internet by an alert commuter. Photos of the heist quickly went viral, prompting authorities to act.

Last June 12, celebrated Filipino race car driver Enzo Pastor was shot dead in Quezon City by a policeman who was supposedly moonlighting as a gun-for-hire. While Pastor’s widow and her lover are being tagged as the probable masterminds behind the killing, Police Officer 2 Edgar Angel allegedly carried out the dirty work—for a fee. And the list goes on and on and on….

Private gun ownership takes on a more profound meaning in light of these disheartening turn of events. When honest citizens insist upon their rights to keep their guns despite the tortures and expenses thrown their way, they send the leadership of the Philippine National Police a clear message. And that message is—WE HAVE LOST CONFIDENCE IN YOU.

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