New gun regulations linked to corruption, crime spike

Groups opposed to the disarmament of law-abiding citizens say the police may be abusing its regulatory authority over gun ownership.

Outspoken gun rights advocates made this assertion as key officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are being probed in connection with the supposed sale of 1,004 Chinese-made AK-47 rifles to a security agency, but which somehow fell into the possession of communist rebels. This also follows a procurement scandal connected to a courier service contract entered into by the PNP to deliver firearms license cards. The supposedly anomalous contract would have allegedly benefitted current and retired police generals had the courts not handed down a Temporary Restraining Order.

On the talk show General Assignment, which aired over Global News Network (GNN) last Wednesday (June 18), the heads of Pro Gun Philippines, A2S5 Coalition and IDPA Philippines chapter said legitimate gun owners should not be the escape goats to cover for the PNP’s shortcomings.

(Video courtesy of GNN)

A2S5 president Judo Bonifacio said the PNP should address corruption issues within instead of imposing impossible gun control measures on legally-armed civilians. IDPA country coordinator Teddy Ngo said clamping down on legal gun ownership can only benefit criminals and may actually result in a crime wave. Meantime, Pro Gun acting secretary general Ticky Tabujara revealed that more cases are set to be filed against top PNP officials by the local firearms industry as well as private gun owners.

They all agreed that unreasonably restrictive gun control regulations by the PNP are partly to blame for the supposedly dramatic spike in violent crimes during the past three years.

– Staff report

One thought on “New gun regulations linked to corruption, crime spike

  1. the problem with our country is the reliance on the government to do everything for us, including our individual, our family and our property’s safety, which in turn leads to more restricitions and oppressive move that empowers them to do what they want even to the point of imposing illegal unconstitutional actions like oplan katok. if you want to solve criminality…plain and simple…have more legal and educated/trained responsible gun owners carry their firearms. a progun society is a peaceful society. it is safer to be with plenty of them rather than having a police state doing nanny duties which are really unrealistic. in a gunless society only the police and the criminals will have the guns and who is caught in between? the civilian. added to that…when second counts…the police is 10 mins away…by then the criminal has already fled and the victim is either in the hospital or worse.

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