QC bizmen say, “all I want for Christmas is a CCTV”

Purveyors of security electronics confirm a surge in sales ahead of a yearend deadline set by the Quezon City (QC) government on business establishments to install closed-circuit TV cameras (CCTVs) or face possible non-extension of their permits to operate. City authorities reportedly issued this order as a reaction to the perceived leap in violent crimes. QC follows the lead of other Philippine cities and municipalities that have recently mandated the installation of CCTVs in stores, offices and factories.

On the talk show Practical Business last December 13, Jonathan Co, proprietor of Faire Technologies, Inc., said that the rising demand for CCTV’s is being fueled not only by the business sector but also by homeowners. He, however, admitted that cost remains the main hindrance to prospective buyers. But Co also revealed that the security electronics industry has responded positively to this concern by producing lower-cost systems that are suitable for small stores and homes.

Practical Business, which is aired over Philippine satellite and cable channel Global News Network (GNN), is hosted by Home Defense Journal editor Miguel Gil.


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