Local hero calls for heightened vigilance on crime

A celebrated Filipino anti-crime advocate called on entrepreneurs and homeowners to take necessary measures to avoid being the next crime victim this holiday season. Musician, film director and actor Sonny Parsons, said heightened vigilance is necessary in view of the perceived spike in robberies, home invasions as well as petty crimes during the Yuletide season.

On the talk show Practical Business last December 13, Parsons recounted that day in 2002 when a gang of armed robbers barged into his home in Marikina City then quickly held him and his family at gunpoint. In the gunfight that ensued, he was able to fatally wound five of the six robbers. The controversial incident continues to spark fierce debate between gun rights advocates and ultra-liberals in the country.

Parsons said that gunplay is not the preferred solution to crime. He expressed support for the installation of closed-circuit TV cameras (CCTV) and other alarms systems at home and at places of work as a first line of defense. This is in line with recent moves by several city and municipal governments in the Philippines requiring business establishments to install CCTV’s.

But he also emphasized the need for law-abiding citizens to own licensed firearms as a last resort against imminent threats of violence. He explained that electronic security gadgets, while helpful, may not always be sufficient to deter determined criminals. Parsons said good citizens must hold on to their right to use lethal force when all other options fail.

Practical Business, which is aired over Philippine satellite and cable channel Global News Network (GNN), is hosted by Home Defense Journal editor Miguel Gil.


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